We carry out deliveries all over the country.
Deadlines for delivery: As a rule, we will send you the package the next day after you place your order. Therefore, the customer receives the shipment on the second working day.

The maximum waiting time for a package is up to four working days (only in special cases). We will notify you of the dispatch of the package to the customer and the expected date of delivery by special e-mail. A receipt or (at the Customer's request) a VAT invoice will be attached to the shipment.
  1. Courier - the fee for each package is PLN 11. The maximum weight per package is 30 kg. Orders of higher weight are divided into several parcels.

The costs of the entire order are visible both in the basket and in the order.

Notes: Transfers should be made to the following account number:
50 1020 5558 1111 1654 0420 0046

Every package that is not collected shall be subject to the handling fee of PLN 20.

Foreign shipments only after a prepayment to the account, payment according to the price list of Poczta Polska (Polish Post Office).
In case of complaints, please contact the store by e-mail or telephone.